Which anti-parasite product do I buy for my pet?

From Spot Ons and collars to shampoos and sprays – there are countless products that help against parasites and the question often arises which one to use. We will help you to find the right product.

It is important that all pets are always treated at the same time.

martec PET CARE Spot On Antiparasite

The special combination of the natural active ingredients Margosa and Geraniol repels parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites. The Spot Ons are suitable for dogs as well as cats and have an effect duration of up to 6 weeks per pipette.

It is quick and easy to use. Spot Ons are particularly suitable for pets who do not like to wear collars.

martec PET CARE Collars

The martec PET CARE range includes two types of collars. The martec PET CARE antiparasite collars (picture left) contains the synthetic insecticide Dimpylatum and has an effect duration of about 5 months. The martec PAT CARE collar Antiparasite (picture right) contains the natural active ingredients Margosa and Geraniol and keeps fleas, ticks, lice and mites away for about 4 months. Both are water resistant.

The application is simple and suitable for all dogs and cats. The cat collar is equipped with a special closure – so if it gets stuck with the collar, it is quickly released thanks to the anti-strangulation system.

We recommend to put the collar on the pet at the beginning of the season. If necessary, the pet can also be treated with martec PET CARE Spray Antiparasite.

martec PET CARE Shampoo Antiparasite

martec PET CARE Shampoo Antiparasite cleans and cares for the coat and eliminates unpleasant odours. The special combination of the active ingredients Margosa and Geraniol has a repellent effect against parasites in all stages of development.

The shampoo has an effect duration of approx. 1 week and is particularly recommended during the insect season (April to September). In winter, the Shampoo Care can be used to care for your pet’s coat.

As cats are reluctant to take a bath, the shampoo is especially recommended for dogs.

Martec PET CARE Spray Antiparasite

The spray also contains the natural active ingredients Margosa and Geraniol, which have a repellent effect against parasites. The Antiparasite Spray is suitable for dogs and cats and is ideal for households with several pets and those who do not like collars. The protection lasts up to 12 days. Practical for on the go.

For pets that often spend time in forests or high meadows, the combination with the Spot On is recommended.

Martec PET CARE Spray Insecticide

Parasites like to stay in the environment of the animals. The martec PET CARE Spray Insecticide is especially suitable for the treatment of animal environments.