The right shampoo for my dog

Among dog owners there is often a discussion about how often the dog should actually be bathed and shampooed. Do dog shampoos damage the natural protective function of the skin or is it actually a benefit for the dog?

There are different shampoos not only for us humans, but also dogs have different needs. From normal caring shampoos to shampoos for special coat types and colours as well as parasitic protection there are numerous offers on the market. But which shampoo is the right one?

Shampoo against parasites

If dogs are scratching themselves more often and are constantly nervous, this is often a sign for a mite infestation. Grass mites are the most common type of mite that make themselves comfortable on the pet. As the name suggests, the grass mites prefer to live on meadows where the dogs like to play. In addition to the permanent itching, conspicuous red rashes on several parts of the body are an indication that the dog suffers from a mite infestation. Frequent scratching can also quickly lead to inflammation of the skin.

But also fleas and ticks are a frequent plague for dogs. The signs of a flea infestation can be detected in different ways. The flea itself can remain unnoticed on the dog for a long time, especially if the dog has a dense and long coat. If the number of fleabites increases, the itching increases and the dog starts to lick and bite itself. In the worst case this can lead to a weeping inflammation of the skin.

Although ticks do not cause itching, they transmit dangerous diseases such as early summer tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), borreliosis and ehrlichiosis. martec PET CARE Shampoo Antiparasite cleans and cares for the coat and also repels fleas, ticks, lice and mites at all stages of development. Thus, the dog can be freed from unpleasant odors and also receives protection against parasites.

Shampoo for coat care

There are different shampoos for coat care – for puppies, black- or white-haired dogs as well as different coat types. It is up to you which shampoo you choose, because the most important thing is that the active ingredients are as natural as possible and if possible have a moisturising effect on the coat. Martec PET CARE Shampoo Care contains vitamin F and nourishes and cares for the hair roots, the scalp and the coat. The coat remains healthy, strong and naturally shiny.