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Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them to you here. If you should nevertheless have questions or suggestions that you cannot find any information on here, please feel fee to contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to help you further.

The right shampoo for my dog

Among dog owners there is often a discussion about how often the dog should actually be bathed and shampooed. Do dog shampoos damage the natural protective function of the skin or is it actually a benefit for the dog? Continue reading.

Infections caused by parasites

Almost every pet suffers a parasite infestation in the course of its life – which has nothing to do with poor hygiene. To prevent health damages, it is important to detect such an infestation as quickly as possible and treat it properly. We have listed the symptoms of an infestation as well as the possible dangers for you. Continue reading.

Which anti-parasite product do I buy for my pet?

From Spot Ons and collars to shampoos and sprays – there are countless products that help against parasites and the question often arises which one to use. We will help you to find the right product. Continue reading.